Founder of VRCB | Information Dealer

Sonya Haskins

Sonya Haskins has been involved in VR esports as a professional player, marketing expert, and consultant. She has written extensively about competitive events and community-building opportunities in virtual reality and beyond.

Jill of all trades

Nadine Dalecki

Serving where she is needed, Nadine is active in a many projects like VRL, VRML and CVRE EU and therefore always busy organizing events, administrating tournaments, teaching young discord bots to do their job and helping others to discover new talents within themselves.

Founder of MVR | mobile VR fan

Mobile VR Discord admin, Mikael is a mobile VR gamer who likes to help newcomers find their place in VR. He encourages the creation of environments where developers and players can share their thoughts and knowledge.

Founder of CVRE EU | Node of VR

Manuel “Manello” Bäuerle is an active world class player and consultant when it comes to VR. Not only esports, but also production, development and community management belongs to his expertise.

Leader, CVRE | Collegiate VR Esports League

Madi Hight is a VR developer, Producer at Microsoft Studios, and one of the leads of the Collegiate VR Esports League. She is always eager to discuss VR, gaming, or advice on starting esports teams so feel free to reach out!

VR Artist & Performer | VRALive

Sabby Lighf is an American artist with a background in acrylic painting who now paints and performs in virtual reality. She also founded and organizes the VRArtLive Community that focuses on creating virtual reality content and performances.

Competition Connoisseur

Pesky is a world-class VR esports competitor and part time VR esports writer. A constant denizen of VR beta tests, Pesky is most often found exploring and writing about any new experiences – especially when there’s a trophy to be won.


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